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Oil Respect is a campaign to stand-up for Canada’s oil and gas industry, one of the most regulated and technologically advanced industries in the world. Each year our industry safely produces, refines, transports, and distributes products from jet fuel to fertilizer while providing well-paying jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenues for all Canadians. Yet, despite these facts, government policy and popular sentiment seem increasingly intent on marginalizing the sector and divesting from resource development.


The Oil Respect campaign has three goals:
1) Address the misinformation spread by opponents of oil and gas.
2) Give regular people who support the industry a voice.
3) Remind Canadians we have the highest living standards in the world because of oil and gas.

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Oil Respect will EDUCATE and arm those most impacted with arguments, evidence, facts and real-life stories about the benefits of oil and gas development and what happens when we leave our oil wealth in the ground. EDUCATE yourself on the facts today!

Show off your Respect!

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians benefit directly, and millions more indirectly, from developing our oil and gas resources. It’s time for Canadians to RESPECT their oil and gas sector. Together we can amplify our message and each voice makes us even louder. You can make a difference with Oil Respect t-shirts and bumper stickers. Share your opinion and our content on social media.


Oil Respect will RALLY oilfield families, business owners, and industry supporters at our speaking events. Please click on the events section and join us at an Oil Respect event near you! Let’s hear your VOICE!


Oil Respect will launch online petitions designed to explain to provincial and federal governments why our industry needs enlightened policy to help us compete, such as competitive taxes and royalties, reasonable regulations, well defined and clear consultation processes, and streamlined assessment and approval processes. We will STAND-UP for ourselves and for Canadian oil and gas.

About the campaign

Canadian oil and gas is being hit, and being hit hard. Thousands of families across the country have lost their jobs and continue to struggle to find work. While this happens, government policy and popular sentiment seem increasingly intent on continuing to marginalize the sector and divest from the resource development Canadians rely on for their quality of life. The fact is, Canadians produce among the most responsible oil and gas products in the world, and this is something we should be proud of. OIL RESPECT asks you to help STAND UP for our industry by signing petitions, writing MLAs and MPs, and showing your support with Oil Respect stickers and t-shirts. Over time we hope to harness grassroots support to influence federal and provincial governments to more aggressively defend and promote our industry. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians benefit directly, and millions more indirectly, from developing our oil and gas resources. It’s time to stand behind our industry and show some OIL RESPECT.
Its time to RESPECT our oil & gas industry.

Oil Respect has launched online petitions designed to persuade provincial and federal governments that the industry needs enlightened policy to help it grow. It will ask the Alberta government directly, and indirectly through supporters, to vigorously defend our Canadian energy industry. In Alberta, Oil Respect will ask the provincial government to declare February 13th 2017, Oil Respect Day, in honour of the 70th anniversary of the discovery of oil at Leduc #1 in 1947.

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oil families are hurting.

Industry Advocates. Check out their sites!

Canadians who have already taken action to STAND-UP for our oil and gas industry. Please click their social media links to learn more about Canada Action and Oilfield Dads.
Mark Scholz
Mark Scholz
Mark is an ardent advocate of the oil and gas industry and spokesman for the Oil Respect campaign which focuses on giving a voice to Canadians who support —and are supported by—the industry.
Modern Miracle Network
Modern Miracle Network
Non-Profit Group
We are a group of citizens concerned about society’s future. Since predictions from many non-partisan organizations indicate that oil and gas will remain part of the world’s energy diet over the next several generations, we believe that Canada has a role to play in supplying this demand, thus creating opportunities for a better life for all Canadians.
Chad Miller
Chad Miller
Oilfield Dads
Chad Miller and OIlfield Dads are committed to giving opportunities to people who desire to do the work. In just over 4 months, Oilfield Dads has grown to an astounding 7000 Facebook members and counting due to Chad’s desire to build a supportive and innovative group for members of the global oilfield community and their families.
Canada’s Energy Citizens
Canada’s Energy Citizens
Sign up today and join thousands of Canadians who are proud of the positive impacts of our energy industry. Your voice can make all the difference.

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